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silk horses

There's something about the energy of a horse that is best expressed through vivid colour, and makes a perfect subject for hand-painted silk. Would you like to see your own horse in a silk painting? Custom orders are welcome!

Horse of Another Colour
Hand-painted silk Image size: 15"x15"

This blue pony is the latest outcome of my ongoing interest in portraying horses in a whimsical, colourful fashion.

Original available - contact the artist.


Purple Horse II
Hand-painted silk Image size: 15"x19""

The horse that this painting is based on has been my muse for many years, ever since I met him at a horse show and was able to make a photo record of that experience. He has influenced me profoundly ever since. This particular silk painting is the outcome of observing of my own coloured pencil drawing (framed and hanging by my front door) of this feisty and memorable individual.

Original available - contact the artist.

I've Never Seen a Purple Horse
Hand-painted silk; Image sixe 28"x28"

On a visit to a horse show I made the acquaintance of a stunning American Saddlebred stallion (the same individual that inspired Purple Horse II above). His energy and personality absolutely enthralled me, and he formed the basis for this painting.

This image was featured in an article in Equestrian magazine in 2009.

Original not for sale; Limited edition prints are available

A Bend in the Road
Hand-painted silk; Image size: 18"x23"

On a cross-country walk in the English midlands a couple of years ago, I came upon this pastoral scene. There was a timeless quality about it that epitomized the tranquility of the countryside. Where does the track lead? It's up to the viewer to decide.

Donated to Pacific Riding for
Developing Abilities,

Greener Pastures
Hand-painted silk; Image size 16"x22"

This is a typical Fraser Valley scene of fat, munching horses in a sea of green. The vibrant green is beginning to show signs of the coming change in season from spring to summer.

Original available - contact the artist